Are you yearning for butterflies, romance, and connection in your marriage? Do you miss how it used to be?

What if you could date your spouse AT HOME and get back those feelings of when you first met?

It’s a course for your marriage through a system of dates at home… one date every week.

In fact, It’s the same system we created for our own marriage in order to go from separated to sensational.

For the first time, we’re finally sharing the At-Home Dating System we created with everyone so that you can build a flourishing and thriving marriage the same way we did, and what we continue to do to keep our relationship vibrant, strong, and filled with fun and joy.

Many Couples today understand the importance of a weekly date night. 

 - But there's a huge problem.
Most couples know that in order to have a thriving marriage, they need to keep dating their spouse… 
but somehow it just doesn’t get planned. Without consistent connection, your marriage can't thrive. 

The BIG problem is that planning, scheduling, and getting a babysitter can get in the way of making it happen. 
Add in the lofty cost of going out and paying for childcare, and you never find the space to have quality time together.

And if you don't find space to have quality time together:
- You can begin to feel disconnected 
​- You feel stuck in dealing with the kids, bills, and everyone's schedules.
​- You feel like your communication is slipping away. 
​- You begin to drift apart. 
​- You start to resent each other. 
And what about your kids? This isn’t the marriage you want them to seek when they grow up! 

And what’s even worse is that both of you keep putting it off, never making the time to truly connect and create the thriving and flourishing relationship you both DESIRE and DESERVE

As couples with kids, we can get so overwhelmed with everything else in life, that planning dates can be so challenging they get put to the back of the priority list… sound about right?

Well, we’re here to tell you that there’s an easier way to connect… 
a better way to build the marriage of your dreams… 
a simple system that helps you create a date night every single week.

Dates with intention, dates with planning and dreaming, dates that are fun, dates that are intimate and sexy, and dates where you can re-charge alone (yes, you read that right).

Imagine the consistent connection you can create in order to forge the life of your dreams… TOGETHER.

All it takes is setting some time alone… AT HOME… each week to have an amazing date with your partner.

We give you the system (the SAME one WE use today that consistently builds our intimacy, direction, and connection) that plans the dates for you… gives you the topics… provides the agenda… builds the plan…


- No more figuring out where to go
- No need for frustrating reservations
- No more working with challenging schedules
- No more struggles finding a babysitter
- No more searching for things to talk about

What's Included.... 

The at-home dating SYSTEM that inspires you to create the relationship you deserve and desire through 4 dates per month

Hit all 4 of the LEGENDARY RELATIONSHIP ELEMENTS to help you...

 Commit to the self-care and happiness of YOU
Learn how to engage in being great PARTNERS
Create joy and fun to grow as FRIENDS
Create more space for becoming intimate LOVERS


  • VIDEO LESSONS to help you create the perfect atmosphere
  • DATE NIGHT GUIDES to get the most out of your time together
  • WORKBOOKS to dream, connect, and build direction in your marriage
  • THEMED QUESTIONS that spark conversation
  • ​LINKS to fun activities, movies, recipes, and games



Teach Your Kids to

How to teach your kids the importance of your dates.
 Learn how to communicate the importance of dating in your marriage.


Making Time to

How to actually find the time to 
date each other.
Understand ways to prioritize making time for each other.


Creating Your

How to create the best at-home 
date spot. 
Make the most of your home space to enhance the connection of your time together.

“So what are these 4 Legendary Relationship Elements, anyhow?” you ask…

Well, they are the backbone of our marriage philosophy that we created in order to rescue our marriage from near-divorce… and they build on each other!


The YOU is the “self” of your relationship. Before you and your spouse joined together, you were an independent being. You still are. Often, we begin to lose ourselves with the busyness of life and kids, but your relationship needs a strong YOU to thrive. It’s about building your emotional intelligence, getting your priorities straight, creating your own happiness, and growing your personal confidence. 


Partnership is the business side of your relationship. It is the environment you create together and for your family. It is making money, budgeting, saving, planning for the future, and all other financial aspects of life. Partnership is the daily running of your lives: roles, chores, laundry, cooking, shuttling kids, and all the rest. It is the values, goals, dreams, and alignment of your relationship “compass” pointing in the same direction.


Being great friends is when you inspire, encourage, and uplift each other. Friendship is being in a mutual fan club. It is where the fun, joy, and deep connection take place. Friendship is laughter, thoughtfulness, and play. It is where you confide in each other and offer a shoulder to cry on. Friendship is where you have each other’s back. 


Being great lovers involves true intimacy, deep love, kissing, sex, vulnerability, tenderness, and passion. These are the things you know about each other that no one else knows about except the two of you. Intimately connected couples understand their partner’s desires and give to them selflessly. They understand the flowing dynamic of masculinity and femininity, especially in the bedroom. When we put time and care into this area, we experience the deepest bond and level of intimacy we can have with another person.

Learn how to grow each of these 4 Elements through dating your spouse at home!


  • Stop wondering what you can spend your time doing together
  • Eliminate the guilt of creating time for yourself
  • Know what questions you can ask each other in order to move your marriage forward
  • Have easy-going talks about money and budgeting... without fighting! 
  • Develop listening skills so you can understand your partner (and also feel heard)
  • Spark joy and have more FUN in your marriage
  • Receive fresh ideas that both of you can enjoy


“Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward together in the same direction.”

  • We didn’t set out to be marriage coaches. We are two imperfect people who found themselves disconnected from each other, feeling resentment toward each other, in the midst of separation, and on the brink of divorce.
  • We knew the way back to each other (if that was even going to be possible), was through becoming two happy and healthy individuals first. 
  • ​And when that happened (thank goodness!), we wanted to build the marriage we both dreamed about. 
  • ​Friends began to ask us what we did… so we intimately shared in order to take the shame out of what we had been through, so that other couples could feel comfortable and confident in getting the help and resources they needed.
  • ​All of the resources and tools have been created for us first in order to reconnect our marriage… this was an inside job
  • We are your guinea pigs… everything we share with other couples we have made sure we had success with FIRST
  • We want you to join us in reversing the trend of mediocre, sagging, and disconnected marriages
  • ​We aren’t here to merely exist in our marriages… we are here to grow and thrive! To create something LEGENDARY!

Hi, We are Lance and Brandy Salazar

Like many newlyweds, we had a crystal-clear vision of our happily-ever-after. The house, the kids, madly in love... forever. We knew exactly what we wanted… so we thought.

Our lives together were pretty routine until that life-altering event of becoming a parent. Woah!! Our marriage was NOT PREPARED for this. Our relationship was abruptly deprioritized. We showered our daughters with love, but the needs of our marriage were largely ignored. Very few dates, little time for each other, and just enough mental space to keep the household in order. This sure wasn’t what we had in mind.

Was this the marriage we wanted for ourselves, for our daughters? Was this what we wanted their model of marriage to be like?

Within 2 years of our second daughter’s birth, we were having the conversation we NEVER thought would happen. 

DIVORCE. The paperwork, who's moving, who gets what, which pet goes with whom, and telling the kids mommy and daddy didn’t want to be married anymore… it was very real.

However, after some tough love and wise counsel of friends, we drew a line in the sand and decided we were not going to give up. 

This time, we weren't going to just FIX our problems, we made a commitment to do whatever it took to build the best marriage we possibly could!

We created a clear vision for our ideal relationship together. We created a plan. We took massive action. We communicated. We consistently checked in with each other. We rebuilt ourselves. We ironed out our PARTNERS Roles. We reconnected and deepened and FRIENDS. We established new territory as LOVERS. 


Now, we are MORE IN LOVE and HAVE MORE FUN than we ever thought possible and instead of dragging our daughters through a divorce we get to show them that DEEP CONNECTION and HAPPINESS IS POSSIBLE in marriage. 




You're ready for this AT-HOME DATING SYSTEM if you are...

Yearning to start connecting with your spouse in a meaningful way
Tired of trying to figure out what to do on your dates
Sick of the babysitter not being available (or not finding one at all)
Frustrated with your budget getting in the way of going out

We know how hard it is to invest your trust and hard-earned money into digital products like this. We’ve been in the same boat as you. 

But we truly feel that this product will add tremendous value to your marriage. Heck, it’s the same system we have used for years to create our own thriving relationship together. In fact, we still use this system today. We’ve tested it over and over again. We believe that if you follow this system, you can achieve the same.

Because of how strongly we feel, we’re offering a 30-day money back guarantee. We know that this system will foster connection in your marriage like never before if you commit and follow it.

But of course, if you’re not happy with it, we will refund your money within 30 days of your purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions

52 dates seem like WAY too much to tackle in a year!
We get it! That’s a LOT of dates! While we believe it’s important to connect on all 4 Relationship Elements each month, you have the flexibility to change the schedule to what suits you and your spouse. Just stay committed!
Can't I just find 52 date ideas through a simple Google search? 
This is a system to nurture the 4 elements so that you and your spouse can dream together, create a plan, foster connection, and take action on commitments so that you can build the marriage you desire… together. You even have monthly self-care dates planned for you so that you can take the time to rest, re-energize, and put on the oxygen mask so that you can be the best spouse and parent for your family.
What do you really mean by intentional dates with your 4 Elements
We realized that we needed to make sure all important areas of our marriage were getting the attention they needed to thrive, so creating specific agendas and themes around our dates was a way to ensure we did just that. We didn’t want to neglect any priorities, so this system helps us create balance and direction, and we don’t even have to leave home to do it!
What if we aren't communicating well and aren't really connecting?
We believe that this at-home dating system will greatly help with this, but we also have a Communication Course and Relationship Foundations Course if you need more help. We are also available for couples coaching. Let us know what you need by writing us at 
What if we decide this isn't for us? 
We stand by our 100% money-back guarantee within 30 days of purchase. No questions asked. But we are also relentless in creating products that help couples connect and stay connected, so if there is something we can do better - PLEASE send us a suggestion!
What if we are on the brink of a separation or divorce? 
If this is where you are, PLEASE seek out counseling through a marriage therapist. And if you need suggestions on how to find the right professional for you, we are here to help guide you. Send us an email at to schedule a call to point you in the right direction.
For support issues or questions, please email
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